Friday, July 16, 2010

Where we stayed in Nice, France!

The two top photos here were taken outside of our window in Nice. We were in Old Town Nice. For us, it was exactly where we wanted to be. Old Town Nice is what it's name states "Old". As you can see it is narrow cobble stone streets. I loved all of the shutters and the flowers. Within this area is Cours Saleya, which is a strip that sells many things. Specialties:fresh fruits, vegetables and flowers.

At night time this strip turns in to a restaurant haven. The tents that were used for the market turn into setting areas for the restaurants. It is always hoppin in Old Town Nice.


  1. One day I would like to make it to Europe... I might get my chance next summer when my wife takes a high school group. Will you still be there next summer?
    I hope you have a wonderful experience!!

  2. We will still be here next summer. We would be happy to meet up with you or give you any tips we have accumulated by then. Also, our family and you are welcomed to stay at our place any time.