Monday, September 20, 2010


Bremen is a ancient city set along the River Weser with approximately 1200 years of history. Many sailors used to live and work here. You can walk along the harbor (Bremen's maritime mile "The Schlacte") or you can go shopping in the Schnoor area which is where all the old sailors shops and houses are.

The Schnoor Area

Walking along the streets of Bremen we ran into some sculptures of pigs designed by Peter Lehmann. They are on Sogestrasse which in means "steet of sows". It is where the butchers used to live and put the pigs. There is also a sculpture by Peter Lehmann called "Schweinehirt und seine Herde" which means swine heard and his flock.

A picture of me and the kids by "Schwinehirt und seine Herde".

This fountain is on Liebfrauen-Kirchhof. Every morning except on sundays, there is a flower market here.

Right next to the town hall building lies a bronze statue by Gerhard Marcks. It is a statue of the animals in the Grimm Brothers fable Die Stadt Musikanten or "The Town Musicians.

This is Roland. He is symbolizing Bremen's freedom. He has been here since 1404.

This is Schutting. It is Bremen's Chamber of Commerce.

Above the kids is a bronze relief by Bernhard Hoetger. It represents St. Michael, the bringer of light.

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