Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Difference for today!

When ordering french fries (a common staple in the States), you are given a choice "would you like them with ketchup and mayonnaise?". Well I love ketchup on my fries so when I was asked I said yes to both. What the heck, I was willing to give the mayonnaise on my fries a try. What we received was very different that what I expected. The ketchup for fries is a sauce that appears to be a mixture of something like our ketchup and curry. The mayonnaise for fries is like our mayonnaise watered down. We ate it. We didn't love it, but we ate it. Maybe we will be ketchup and mayonnaise lovers by the time we leave Germany, but for now I learned how to say "pommes frites ohne ketchup and mayonnaise", which means french fries without ketchup and mayonnaise. As we have been exploring the area we have learned that a lot of places here serve french fries and they all have these special sauces.

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