Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Local Swimming Pool

There is a pool that is a very short bus drive away from us. After our bikes arrive (via sea shipment) we will be riding our bikes to the pool. The diving boards are the best. Thank goodness the two top ones were closed off for the day, I know Hannah would have went off in a heart beat and my heart would have skipped a few beats. The pool grounds were gorgeous. There were three pools in a line with each other. Each for a different type of leisure activity. One for the diving, one for swimming laps and one for recreational swimming. Then there was a big grassy area with a playground.


  1. OMG! Cassy! That is the BIGGEST pool I have ever seen, and you know I have seen a lot! Lol! Hope you guys r having a great time! We miss you!!!!

  2. It is Big and it is getting hot here, so the pool has been used frequently. The top diving boards opened up the last time we were there. Tannere went on the second to top level.(OMG)
    We got our letter yesterday! Loved it! Thanks!