Sunday, July 4, 2010

Our adventure began several months before we left, with all of our packing and goodbyes. Although, I am going to start by posting our airport experiences.
We were only allowed to have one bag (under 50lbs) per person and a carry on. I opted to spend $50. extra per person for an extra bag. Believe me, it was necessary. We spend several hours the night before weighing and measuring our suitcases. The only problem was that European cars are typically a little smaller and Chris (my husband) was going to be picking us up at the Frankfurt airport. He is temporarily using a company car. It is a compact BMW. Being a BMW it obviously drives very smoothly, but it is not big. We managed to fit it all in the car, and somehow managed to seatbelt the kids. They had a little trouble seeing Germany through the cramped up car, but we had arrived and they knew it! Our adventure was about to begin!

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