Sunday, August 1, 2010

Schloss Marienburg

Ok, so I know where I think Hannah should get married now. I still want her to wait many of years, but I have it all planned out. She will come back to Germany and get married at Schloss Marienburg (Schloss means castle). We saw a wedding there yesterday. It was the most beautiful wedding I have ever seen. They have ceremonies in the church and receptions in the courtyard.
This is the castle of George V. of Hannover 1857-1867. We went on a tour. I could in- vision the dinning room filled with people that, after dinner, would go to the ballroom for a dance and take strolls outside on the balcony (der Balkon). My mind started in-visioning in the library during it's day too. Not to shabby for a single family home. It was in the rotunda. It had about fourteen single sitting areas and shelves that went all the way around the rotunda walls (Each wooden and hand-made).
To all of my library loving friends, it was sweet.

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