Monday, August 16, 2010

Breakfast in Germany!

Breakfast or "frühstück" in Germany usually consists of breads of various types, butter and jam. When a bigger breakfast is served it will have cheese, fruits, hard boiled eggs, and meats. When we first arrived in Germany we were invited to a friends house for breakfast. They had it set up soo nicely. She even put gummy bears on the plates for the kids. The food was served in a very traditional German way. There were several choices of breads and cheeses. Some pieces of bread had chocolate sprinkled on them (Hannah was in heaven) and some where just out of the oven. It was a nice warm welcome to Germany.
I am posting a picture of a common type of bread served here. In the picture you can see that it has a type of sour cream/chive spread on it, cheese and salami. Typically it is eaten this way. One side at a time. No more stacking for us. It works better. It fits in your mouth easier and it seems like you are having two.

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