Sunday, February 20, 2011


Goslar is a town (or village) not far from the city of Hannover and within the Harz mountains. It is part of the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List. It has over 1000 half timbered homes.

This is an example of how some of the slate is carved on the homes.

The sign basically says "you are cordially welcomed to Goslars historic pub and cafe".

Water runs through the village. It is picturesque!!!!

This is Tannere in the cellar of the Braustuben restaurant/pub right by the town hall.

This is the market fountain. It is right in the center square. It dates back to the 12th century. It is the largest known Romanesque bronze casting.

This is a interesting judicial symbol that is on the corner of the Hotel Kaiserworth. It is called "Dukatenmannchen". It is said to be dedicated to debtors.

This is the Hotel Kaiserworth with beautiful stone figures placed along the building walls. The one on the top right corner is Hercules.

The next two pictures are of the Siemens family manson. Hans Sieman was an engineer, inventor and founder of the Siemens Group. This house was built in 1693 for his family.

This is the Imperial Palace, the "Kaiserpfalz". Kaiser means emperor and the word palace has developed from the word pfalz. We went inside and what we found to be the most impressive was the large hall with the illustrated murals.
This,I thought, would also be a nice location for Hannah's wedding!
Boy are my plans bigger than my wallet!

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