Sunday, November 14, 2010

To the Market, to the Market Jiggity Jig!

Do you remember that nursery rhyme. I sing it every time I go to the markets. Markets are big here in Germany. They are several through out the city. There is one twice a week that is just about two blocks from our apartment. It has several vendors that set up from early morning to around a little after lunch. Some vendors are the same every week and some are different. They sell things like fresh fruits, vegetables, cheeses, meats, breads and flowers.
The other day I tried to ask for a Thanksgiving turkey. I tried to use German and I think I asked for what would be equivalent to a 40 lb. turkey by mistake. I was so busy trying to speak in German that I got the pound thing all screwed up! Apparently they do not sell 40lb. turkeys here. Who knew!

One day I will get you some pictures of the market itself, but today I have some other market pictures to show you.
First, I am showing you the picture of the basket I bring. I got this in the US, and it is wonderful for the markets.
Second, I am showing you a picture of the eggs. They eggs are wonderful here. Sometimes you can still see the feathers on the eggs. That is OK with me. It means fresh and chemical free!!!!

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