Friday, October 22, 2010


Have you seen the 2010 movie "Letters to Juliet"? This movie takes place in Verona. Verona is like a "diamond in the rough". It is town that is on the way from Milan to Venice. It is famous for it's Shakespearean influence. The house of Romeo and the house of Juliet are both in Verona. Juliet's house has a balcony, a statue of Juliet outside and a museum inside. People often leave letters to loved ones at Juliet's house. Inside the museum you can leave letters to Juliet and get responses.
These are pictures of us inside the museum and on Juliet's balcony.

Verona also has a huge arena. It is the third largest arena in Italy. Visitors can go to see Opera's inside the arena during Opera season and when the arena is not is use visitors can walk around in the inside of the arena. These are pictures of Tannere and Hannah on the inside of the arena.

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