Monday, September 27, 2010

IWAH International Woman's Association Hannover

This is a group for women with international origins, backgrounds, interests or experiences who live in the Hannover area and would like to share their experiences with each other and promote inter cultural understanding.
I have joined this group. They have general meetings once a month and several special interest groups. Like book clubs, cooking, German/English/Spanish conversation groups etc.
They had a family pic-nic at the Park der Sinne (A park of the senses). It was very nice to meet some people that I have not meet yet. The park was very interesting and the weather was beautiful.

We went on a tour of the park. As you walk through you experience many of things that catch your senses. Here are some examples: It had a pic-nic table with herbs in the center for tasting, it had a path that you walk on barefooted to feel all of the different textures, it had a huge sun dial that you stand on to see the direction of your shadow, and it had a big dinner table with pretend food on it made out of stone.

They had activities available at the pic-nic. They had races holding an egg on a spoon, three legged races, running races, and tug of war. In the pictures above you can see Chris playing tug of war, Tannere and Hannah doing the three legged race and Tannere and I checking out the sun dial. I have a bit of a gash in my leg, because Chris and I apparently did not have our left.. right... combination down pat in the three legged race, but all is good (it was fun).

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